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"If it can ever be said of a man that he lives, eats and sleeps his vocation, then it can truly be said of W. R. (Bob) Pierce. Mr. Pierce not only sells pianos at a record-breaking pace; he works at a desk shaped like a grand piano; he smokes a piano shaped pipe and he owns what is probably the world’s finest collection of miniature pianos; a collection which has been exhibited and exclaimed over from coast to coast, and which has been publicized in leading periodicals both in and out of the piano trade. In short, Bob Pierce is “Mr. Piano” himself."

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First published in 1947, the Atlas is now in its 12th edition. Each new edition is authoritatively expanded and updated to include new information on current manufacturers as well as additions to the history of manufacturers long out of business. More than 12,000 names are listed, providing ready reference to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of many manufacturers and other pertinent information. Knowledge is success ... you now have the opportunity to order the most complete and authoritative compilation of factual and historical piano knowledge ever published. Two lifetimes have been devoted to developing this unique publication. An invaluable tool for rendering a very real service to your community and creating an image as the local authority.
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The Piano Atlas is reconized as the world’s most authoritative publication on piano companies, past and present. Pierce's Piano Atlas provides ready reference to more than 12,000 old piano names.
Over 750 piano factories show piano serial numbers for thousands of piano brand names, dates pianos were made, factory locations, and a brief history of many piano companies.
Decals For Pianos is the world’s largest supplier of authentic keyboard manufacturers fallboard decals, soundboard decals, plate decals, piano cabinet decals, and custom decals.
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